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Audra's Story


Hi there.  It's me, Audra.  I guess I will start my story at the very beginning :o)

Here I am with my brother Sagan (he's the handsome one on the left) the day after we were born.  We were born on January 20, 2009, the day the first African American President in US history was inaugurated.  Sagan and I hope to make a little history of our own.

Not one to be contained, at a very young age I was already looking for a way out of the whelping box and into the world.

Keep chewing on the whelping box Sagan ... we're almost out!!

They told me my daddy was an agility star -- the first ever French Bulldog to earn a MACH.  I am thinking  I might want to do agility too.  So I tried hard to show everyone I had potential.  Look, look -- here I am with my running shoe!!!

And see, see .... I have a lot of food drive.  That is important for an agility dog, right?

And I am FAST too ... look at me go.  Wooooooohoooooooo!! This is fun.

And I even look just like my daddy.  Look how cute I am :o)

As I grew, I dreamed of the day I'd get to run and jump like my daddy.  I knew one day soon I would be sailing over this ex-pen ... and I was right.

C'mon .... let me do agility.  Look deep into my eye ... your eyelids are getting heavy, and you are beginning to see things my way.

Well, almost.  Looks like before I can do agility like daddy, I will need to get something called a Championship.  They say it means I am pretty and look like a Frenchie should.  And to get that I need to "stack."  Well okay then ... I can do that ...

See ... don't I look pretty?

I am getting pretty good at this stacking stuff, don't you think?  Can I get my championship now please?

You know you get TREATS for this!

At 6 months old, Sagan and I hit something they call "the show circuit."  It was supposed to be for some practice and everyone thought it would be a while till we got our Championships.  But Sagan and I weren't wasting any time.  A month later we were both "finished."  Hooray!  So what's next?!?

I was afraid nobody was taking my subtle hints, so I started leaping over taller and taller ex-pens and FINALLY, they took the hint and decided I should do agility. YEAH! 

So in December of 2009, I packed few things and headed to daddy's house.  They had snow, which is fun to eat, and sticks in the yard, which are even more fun to eat.

Here I am with Daddy and Lulu. 

Muzzy is fun too and she likes to play with me ... even if she does smoosh my face in the snow with her big doberfeet ...


And Furby the cat is REALLY cool.  I had never seen one of these cat things before... fascinating!!!

I really missed my brother Sagan at first, but my new friends are lots of fun and my new mom really seems to love me.  She calls me "Audi Pawdi Pudding and Pie" and says I am "Pawdilicous."  Don't know what that means, but it comes with kisses so it seems like a compliment.

And finally I am getting to try this agility stuff I've been hearing about.  My teacher Barb says I am so smart and that I catch on REALLY fast.  I even showed mom and Barb how I can jump over the ring gate at school ... they seemed shocked, but I knew I could do it.  I am learning lots of fun things.  I love my little tippy board teeter at home and play on it all the time.  I even like to sleep with it ...

This agility stuff is hard work

So that's my story so far.  Check back soon to see how I am doing.  And in the meantime, lean in a little closer ... no closer .... just a little more ... SLLURRPP.  There, you've been kissed.

Photo by Wendy Doret



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