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Candid Photos

Soren visits  Ron & Suzanne at their motel in PA
"Umm... Did I hear someone say we are going out to lunch?"

Photo M. Nicole Fischer --  Soren's on the line

Agility in Cape Cod in October ... BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

 And the other side of the coin -- Agility in June in NJ
Soren is cool on and off the course  :o)

The Three Musketeers

Unrequited Love

Le Penseur

Lulu "watching over her Doberman" -- Photo by www.snootydog.com


Soren ready to Rally  -- Photo by Moy Wong

Soren says, "You can never be too rich or have too many toys!"

Photo by Mary Jo Ansel   Snazzy Collar by Cathy J**
**Cathy J donates profits from these lovely collars to rescue.  To order a collar for your best friend, please email her.


Photo by Mary Jo Ansel   Snazzy Collar by Cathy J


CAT TV has some fascinating programming these days


Froggies are a girl's best friend (Can you stand that face?)


Muzzy keeping Lulu company after her spay -- What are friends for?


In case you wondered what I would look like with "up ears"


Nap buddies... hard to say what's cuter.. the Frenchie smoosh face or the big doberfeet


Nothing like a Doberman dish holder to keep your bowl from sliding on the rug


Enjoying a snowy day


Stylish and warm


Just plain silly


A boy and his pig dog


Play time




What a face... so "Lulu"


Muzzy with baby Lulu


Muzzy with baby Lulu again... still not too sure what to make of her


Lulu on a spring day

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