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Photos with Friends

Soren settles in for a good snuggle with his good buddy Patrick

Audra met Emma at a rally trial and decided to adopt her

Soren and Audra with their new friend Emma

Soren and Merlin:  USDAA Pairs Partners and very handsome dudes

Peg Forte with little Sagan

Agility in Cape Cod after the Frenchie Nationals, with Kathy Carlson and Tessa (all the way from Texas) and Jackie Drucker (photographer)

Soren and Stella.... Bully Love, aka "A Study In Odd Shaped Heads"
Photo by Steve Surfman Photography


Special congratulations to our friends Beth Szczygiel and MACH Aspen....
A great agility team that has proven hard work and persistence pay off, and has pushed past all the obstacles to make it happen!  You are inspirational!!
February 1, 2009

And congratulations AGAIN to our friends Beth Szczygiel, this time with her doberboy MACH Jaego.... just 2 months later (April 12, 2009) and another MACH for team Szczygiel  :o)  And with a gorgeous run too.  So glad I got to see it "live"


Peg Forte, Friend and President of Soren's Fan Club, with her brood:  
Left to Right:  Newest addition Wyn, Flatcoat poser Wade the black lab (Seeing Eye Dog in training) and Tex

 Soren with Moy, one of his very best buddies  -- Photo by Peg Munves


Soren and Moy again... Every time they see each other it's like a Charlie  Brown and Snoopy reunion  -- Photo by Peg Munves

 With Andrea Morden-Moore and her great agility boy Gunny at the 2008 AKC Agility Invitational

Patriotic Dobe Rescue Gang: Muzzy (Red), Mercury (White) and Rah (Blue)
Labor Day Weekend Rally Trial, 2007  -- Photo by Lydia


Max and Muzzy in Bainbridge NY 2005  -- Photo by Rich Wrey


Muzzy and Bowie at the first AKC Rally trials in CT in Jan 2005 -- Sleep softly sweet Bowie... we'll miss you


From left to right:  Max, Muzzy, Lulu and Bowie finishing their AKC Rally titles at W. Springfield MA 2005


Lulu the Carousel Piggy being ridden by baby Kayce


Lulu and Kayce -- Someone call 911


Lulu and Kate after their shopping spree in Salisbury MD 2005: 
Big monkey, little monkey; Big donkey, little donkey; Big dobe, little frenchie


Lulu:  "I got the monkey" ... and Kate: "And I've got you you crazy piggy"


Lulu and Shaq:  A piggy and a sausage - 2004

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