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The Serious Non-Traditional Agility Students

Daphne:  Simply fascinating!
Soren:  If you think this part is good Daph, wait till we get to two on two off!!


Ace:  She's not kidding about complex. 
Audra:  I hear you.  Front cross, Rear cross, and unless  RFP means
"Ready for Pizza" I think I am getting really confused.


Soren:  Just in case it does mean "Ready for Pizza" let's look really attentive.


Ace:  I don't think I can look any more attentive.  I am starting to drool already.
Audra:  And my neck is getting stiff from looking up expectantly.


Ace:  I hear you.  Hey, that red tunnel looks a little like a giant pepperoni doesn't it?
Audra:  I don't know Ace ... I'm getting a bad feeling there's not going to be any pizza.

Will the serious non-traditional agility students master their crosses and two on two off?

Will they learn the meaning of the mysterious "RFP?"

And most importantly, will there be pizza?

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of "The Serious Non-Traditional Agility Students."

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