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Soren's Amazing 2007:

21 Titles, 62 Placements (30 First Places), 33 Perfect Scores, Front and Finish Ranked in 14 Categories!!!

#6 Ranked Frenchie of all time and #2 Ranked Frenchie for 2007 in AKC Agility

#1 Ranked Frenchie in APDT Rally for 2007, #15 Ranked All Breed in ARCH division, #68 Ranked All Breed overall (Top 5% of all Nationally Ranked dogs in US and Canada)

First Place in Rally Advanced

It's tough to know what to say about Soren's first year of trials, except "WOW!!!"  My socks are knocked off, and my breath is taken away.  It's been an amazing ride, and one that has exceeded all my expectations by a long shot. 

I would like to thank Suzanne and Ron Readmond for their support and encouragement, for sharing my love of Soren and my excitement over his accomplishments, for entrusting me with him, and most of all, for recognizing that he needed a job to do in order to be happy, and letting him go so he could have the life that was "in his cards."  Knowing him as I do now, I realize how difficult it had to be to part with him. 

I would also like to thank Soren's breeder in Denmark, Tove Rasmussen, for breeding such a wonderful boy who is not only handsome and typey, but also healthy enough to enjoy an active life, and with a charming, loving personality that wins over everyone he meets.

Soren joined us in October of 2006.  After a bout with a nasty tummy virus, we started training in November for obedience, rally and agility.  It was clear that Soren was a natural, and for a Frenchie, his work ethic caught me by surprise, as did his athleticism.

A photo that truly captures the spirit of this little imp -- Photo by www.snootydog.com

In January of 2007, after only a few months of training, and on a whim, I decided to enter him in an AKC Rally Novice trial in PA, just for fun and to see where we were in our training.  We had fun alright, and scored a 96 and a perfect 100.  He was absolutely precious, strutting around the course with gorgeous attention and performing like an old pro.

In early March, we decided to try our hand at an agility trial.  Agility clearly seemed to be Soren's passion.  His intense desire to learn, his incredible heart and his surprising agility all came together and his rapid progress was mind boggling.  Again, he amazed me by earning his AKC Novice Jumpers title in two weekends.

An Awesome Photo by M. Nicole Fischer

My original goals for 2007 for Soren were fairly simple:  I wanted to finish his AKC Rally Novice title, his APDT Rally Level 1 title, and his Novice Agility titles.  He blew through those objectives like I asked him to eat a piece of chicken :o)  So we just kept going, and going, and going.

Soren with his FBDCA Awards for Agility and Rally

I could not attend the French Bulldog Club of America (FBDCA) Nationals in 2007, but was floored again when Suzanne returned from the Nationals with FIVE awards for Soren... in only 6 mos. of trials, he managed to earn awards in Novice JWW, Open JWW, Excellent A JWW, Novice Standard Agility and Rally Novice

We closed out 2007 with TWENTY ONE titles: through his Rally Excellent title in AKC, his APDT Rally Championship (ARCH), and three CDs in AKC, UKC and St. Hubert's CDSP.   And in agility, he is halfway through his Master's Jumpers title with 20 MACH points, and one leg away from his Excellent Standard title in AKC.  He also became the second French Bulldog to earn an AKC FAST title in agility when he completed his Novice FAST title on Dec 1, 2007.  He has also titled in UKC Agility and DOCNA agility.

Another Awesome Photo by M. Nicole Fischer

I think back to a few short months ago when I walked the agility course, pondering how I'd negotiate it with no start line stay and only right weaves with the perfect entrance, and I just can't believe how far Soren has come.  I have to thank our instructors, Sandi Ver Sprill, Barb Miller and Sara Jacobs, mostly for all the help they have given ME so that I can improve my handling enough to just try to keep up with the talents of Mr. Soren.  And I thank all our training and breed buddies, near and long distance, whose camaraderie and humor makes it all so much fun.  They laugh with us at our mistakes (okay... maybe a little too much laughing sometimes, and more AT us than WITH us ;o) and make our successes more special because they share them with us. 

So that's our amazing year.  Best of all, is the tremendous bond Soren and I have built.  It just keeps growing all the time.  This little bulldog has so much heart, and his devotion is irresistible.  Each morning I come downstairs and open my arms, and he leaps into them (from the ground!!) and showers me with kisses... totally precious.

Equally treasured are the friendships and wonderful memories we have made this year.  Wherever we go, Soren makes new friends.  He is a favorite with the agility crowd, for his endearing personality, his exuberance for agility, and because he's a great "marker dog."  ;o)   Everyone knows Soren ...  people I don't even know say "Hi Soren" as we pass by.   I, on the other hand, am best known as "Soren's Mom."  :o)

And with that, what follows is a recap with some fantastic photos of our amazing year.  I wouldn't trade it, or the silly little dude that made it all possible, for anything ....

(Left: Soren sporting his ARCH Rosette)

Tell me where it hurts...

AKC Rally Novice (RN) Feb 9, 2007
On Jan 28, 2007, Soren aced his Rally Novice B classes with a 96 on his first run and a perfect score of 100 and a First Place on his second run.  And on Feb 9, he crossed the finish line with a 97, 3rd Place (out of over 30 Nov B dogs) and won a 4 way tie on time!! 

AKC Novice Agility Jumpers With Weaves (NAJ) March 11, 2007, with a clean run and 3rd Place.  And this piggy was flying... 15 seconds under course time to boot. 

AKC Rally Advanced (RA)  On Feb 17 and 18, 2007, Soren earned 2 legs in Rally Advanced A with scores of 91 and 92, and a FIRST and THIRD place!! On March 18, 2007 he got his 3rd and final leg, to finish his RA title with an impressive score of 98!! 

Soren's APDT Rally Level 1 Title and Award of Excellence -- Photo by Nancy Bozza

APDT Rally Level 1 (RL1)  On March 10, Soren made his APDT Rally debut in style, earning a PERFECT SCORE of 210 for a FIRST PLACE in Level 1A.  Amazing!  And on April 22, 2007, with scores of 208 and 209 (and perfect runoff scores to earn first and a second place to boot), he finished his Level 1 title!  Plus earned an Award of Excellence for his high scores.

Soren in the weave poles -- Photo by Steve Surfman

AKC Novice Agility (NA) May 11, 2007, with a clean run and 1st Place -- 21 SECONDS UNDER COURSE TIME.

AKC Open Agility Jumpers With Weaves (OAJ) On May 11 and 12, Soren earned 2 legs toward his Open Jumpers title, with a 3rd place, and a 1st place.  And he finished his title on May 27, 2007, with a clean run and FIRST Place.

Soren on the DOCNA Course

DOCNA Competition Beginner Standard Agility (C-BSA) On July 29, 2007, Soren finished his title with a gorgeous run... 1st place and 16 seconds under course time!

Soren finishing his AXJ Title with a 1st Place

AKC Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ) On August 18, 2007, with a 1st Place, Soren had a beautiful run to finish his Excellent Jumpers title!!

Soren finishing his AXJ Title -- Photo by Steve Surfman

APDT Rally Level 2 (RL2)  August 26, 2007.  On July 1, 2007, Soren earned his 1st Leg toward his APDT RL2 title, with a 203 and 2nd Place.  And on Aug 25 and 26, he scored a 208 and a perfect 210, taking 1st place in both Level 2A classes, to finish his Level 2 title.  Again he earned an APDT Level 2 Award of Excellence for his high scores.

AKC Rally Excellent (RE)  Sept 1, 2007.  On July 20, Aug 31 and Sept 1, Soren qualified with scores of 92 (2nd place), 93 (1st Place) and 93 (4th Place), to finish his RE title.

Soren finishing his Rally Excellent (RE) Title

Therapy Dog International Certification (TDI)  Sept 5, 2007.  Soren passed his therapy dog certification test!!

St. Hubert's Companion Dog (CD-H)  Sept 23, 2007.  Soren completed his St. Hubert's CDSP CD with scores of 182, 190 and 1st Place, and 182.

Soren finishing his St Hubert's CD -- Photo by Jill B Newman

AKC Open Standard Agility (OA) Sept. 30, 2007.  Soren finished his Open Standard Agility title in style with a 1st place

Soren finishing his Open Agility Standard Title

AKC Companion Dog (CD) Oct. 11, 2007.  Soren completed his 3rd Novice B Obedience leg, to earn his CD with a 4th Place

UKC Companion Dog (UCD) On October 27, 2007, Soren qualified for his 3rd leg in UKC Novice B Obedience to finish his UCD title.  He earned his second leg with a 2nd Place!

UKC Agility I (UAGI) On November 25, 2007, Soren got 3 straight Q's and 3 first places to earn his UAGI title!

APDT Rally Championship (ARCH) On November 25, 2007, Soren finished his ARCH in style, with scores of 210, 208 and 210, 208.  He earned in 5 double Qs in 5 straight trials, while accumulating 176 ARCH points (almost double what's required).  He was very focused and did an awesome job!

Soren with his beautiful ARCH Rosette

AKC Novice FAST (NF)
On December 1, 2007, Soren became one of only 2 French Bulldogs in AKC history to earn a title in the new FAST class the first year it was offered..

One of only two Frenchies to earn the first AKC Novice FAST Titles in the first year of this new class -- Photo by M. Nicole Fischer Photography

DOCNA Competition Beginner Snakes and Ladders Agility (C-BSLA) Dec 8, 2007, Soren earned his title with a 3rd Place and a clean run!!
A breed first!!

DOCNA Competition Intern Snakes and Ladders Agility (C-ISLA) Dec 31, 2007, Soren earned his title with a 1st Place and a clean run!!
A breed first!!

DOCNA Competition Intern Standard Agility (C-ISA) On Dec 31, 2007, Soren finished his title with a terrific run... 1st place and 9 seconds under course time!   

DOCNA Competition Beginner Jumpers Agility (C-BJA) On Dec 31, 2007, Soren finished his title with a clean run... and a 1st place!   

On Dec 30, 2007, Soren had a clean run in the DOCNA N. American Challenge Specialist Division, earning him a qualification for the DOCNA 2008 National Championships. 


Front and Finish 2007 Breed and Group Rankings...

Soren was ranked in 14 categories in Rally and Agility:

Breed rankings for agility...

 Number 1 French Bulldog

  • Open Agility (STD)

  • Open Jumpers

  • Excellent A Agility (STD)

  • Excellent A Jumpers

Number 2 French Bulldog

  • Novice Agility (STD)

  • Novice Jumpers

Breed rankings for rally

Number 1 French Bulldog

  • Rally Novice B

  • Rally Novice A and B combined

  • Rally Advanced A

  • Rally Excellent A. 

Number 2 French Bulldog

  • Rally Advanced A and B Combined

Number 4 French Bulldog

  • Rally Exc A and B combined

Non-SPorting Group Top 10 rankings for rally

  • Number 4 Non-Sporting Dog in Rally Advanced A

  • Number 9 Non-Sporting Dog in Rally Excellent A

Also worked towards the following titles in 2007...

  • Sept 3, 2007:  1st AKC Rally RAE Double Q with 94 and 95

  • Nov 3, 2007 Soren earned his first MXJ leg and 8 MACH points at the AKC agility trial in Staten Island.  WOOOOOHOOOOO!  Since then, he has gone on to earn a total of 5 MXJ legs and 20 MACH points.

  • On Nov 10, 2007, Soren also earned his first AX leg with a beautiful run and a 1st Place!!  And on Dec 2, 2007, he picked up his 2nd AX leg with another great run and a 2nd Place!!

  • On Dec 29, 2007, Soren earned his first ARCHX double Q, plus 2 legs toward his RL2X and one leg toward his RL1X.  He had great scores of 205, 207 and 209 with a 4th Place!

  • On December 30 and 31, Soren earned 2 Beginner Gamblers legs -- one in Traditional Gamblers and one in Strategic Time Gamblers!

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