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Soren's Accomplishments
|  Soren's Agility Photos

Soren's Anniversary Photos
Photos by LandMarc Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  These photos were taken exactly one year after sweet Soren arrived at our home. 

Just look at that face tearing up the agility course, and you will see his intense desire to please, his exuberance and energy, his wonderfully loving nature... everything that makes him so incredibly special.

When Soren arrived, he had never navigated an agility obstacle, but the minute he saw them he was off an running, and he hasn't looked back since. 

Talk about from zero to sixty... from never setting foot on an agility course less than 12 mos. ago, he is already competing at the Masters level in Jumpers and the Excellent level in Standard Agility. 

Soren does everything with his own special style and a dollup of fun on top -- it is all smiles in the crowd when Soren is on the course. 

And now some more pix of the man in action....

It's SO difficult to stay at that start line when you just want to GO GO GO!!

And he's off....

On the dog walk...  going up...

One leg... now that's balance :o)  An incredible feat, or is that foot?

Going down.....

The light at the end of the tunnel you always hear so much about

Look at me weave!!

Woohoo.... getting my rhythm now

Good thing this is the last one ... I am going so fast I am almost out of control

Rounding the Clubhouse turn... Time to bring it home

Just look at the air he gets in this next shot... he jumps 12", but the turquoise and red jump cups on the left are at 26 and 24 inches high :o)

Yeeehaaaaw.... Somebody stop the clock!!

And just so you don't think he's all brawn and no brains, Soren has also done incredibly well in Rally and Obedience. 

In AKC Rally, he has finished his Rally Excellent title and is working on his RAE.  In APDT Rally, he has his Level 1 and 2 titles, both with Awards of Excellence for his high scores, and his ARCH. 

Soren finishing his St Hubert's CD -- Photo by Jill B Newman

He also has his St. Hubert's CD in obedience, and his AKC and UKC CDs.

Soren, we love you sweet boy!!!  Thanks for a truly amazing year :o)

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Soren's Accomplishments
|  Soren's Agility Photos



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