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Soren and Zena's Kids

Meet Sagan and Audra -- born on January 20, 2009, a very historic inauguration day, and sure to make a little history of their own someday!

Introducing Sagan (left and lighter) and Audra (right and darker), one day old!

In the Whelping Box


Oh my .... those pudgy LIPS!!

 That head!!  She is like a little Soren clone!!

 Clone??   That is SHOCKING

 Num, num, num .....

Out and About...

Advice from Daddy Soren:  Sagan, better hope Aunt Lulu doesn't catch you near that vacuum

 I like big butts and I cannot lie


 Hey Sagan, I think we need a plan of attack here

The picture you find under "Sweet" in the dictionary


Adorable Audra...

Yes, I realize I am ridiculously cute and look just like my daddy




Sweet Sagan ...





Showing Agility Tendencies...

Good running shoes are essential for a future agility star


Surefooted Sagan masters any terrain

Audra showing early signs of food motivation

Sagan, tunnel, tunnel, tunnel!!


Run Audra, Run .... WooooooHoooooooooooo!


Run Sagan, Run

We Are the Champions ...

Audra's First Point

Sagan's First Point

Dueling Sibling 5 Point Majors on the Same Day (while at an agility trial far far away, their Daddy was earning a Double Q) ...

Audra's Five Point Major

Sagan's Five Point Major

Both Audra and Sagan finished their Championships in just over a month of showing, and at only 7 months old!!

Sagan Taking a Group 4 his first time out as a Special -- 13 months old

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