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Favorite Links

Hopefully you have enjoyed our website.  Please take time to visit some of our other favorite places...

Liza Wallis Photography at http://www.snootydog.com

M. Nicole Fischer Photography at http://www.mnicolefischer.com

Doberman Pinscher Discussion Forum at http://www.network54.com/Forum/11341/

Petfinder at http://www.petfinder.com

APDT Rally at http://www.apdt.com/po/rally/default.aspx

American Kennel Club at http://www.akc.org

3 Dobes Blog at http://www.3dobesblog.blogspot.com

BigStar French Bulldogs at http://www.bigstarbulldogs.com


Please also visit these other dog-related websites designed by Deb:

Cesky Central at http://ceskycentral.tripod.com

JustFrenchies Magazine at http://www.justfrenchies.com


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