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Meet Audra, around here, also known as "The Sorelette," based on her striking similarity to her daddy (and my favorite frenchie boy) Soren.  Like her daddy, she has a passion for agility and for the people she calls friends. 

Photo by Wendy Doret

 Audra is the total package ... looks, personality, talent ... and just the sweetest thing ever.

If you have "been around" the website, she needs no introduction, as (being Soren's daughter) her puppy pix have been on the site since she first made her appearance on the planet.

Born on January 20, 2009, the historic inauguration day when Barack Obama took office, Audi promised to be something special right from the start. 

Newborns Sagan (left) and Audra (right) one day old

It was clear early on that she had inherited her daddy's athletic tendencies and zest for life in the fast lane.

The Joy of Audra

She also inherited her parents' good looks, finishing her Championship with 3 majors at just over 7 months old...

Ch Justus Uptown Girl

When I first met then-six-month-old Audra in person at the Readmond's July 4th party in MD, she made a beeline for my lap, launched herself at me, and covered me with kisses like I was her long lost soul mate.  This routine continued each time I saw her at some (relatively) local shows while she was working on her championship. 

For a number of reasons, not the least of which was Lulu's usual disdain for other Frenchies of the female persuasion, I absolutely wanted a male Frenchie, not a female.   But something about Audra kept tugging at me.  First, was the instant connection I felt with her.  And second, I had such a strong feeling about her potential.  From the very beginning, she just screamed "Soren" to me, and as she grew, I got reports of her daring feats, leaps in and out of tall ex-pens, and a daunting energy level. 

Hmmm .... let's see .... what trouble can I get into now??

With her championship so quickly behind her, it seemed almost a crime for Airborne Audi not to have a performance career ahead of her.  After much consulting, the kinfolk decided to go with the "destiny" flow.  So she loaded up the truck (okay -- it was really a sedan) and moved to New Jersey ... Sparta that is ... weave poles and agility stars :o)

Audra quickly wiggled her way into the hearts of the local fauna.  She shares her dad's adoration for Furby the cat .... and Furby gives her his "two paws up" seal of approval ...

Muzzy quickly recruited Audra for yard patrol  ...

Sentinels Muzzy and Audra keep lookout over the yard from under the deck

And then there is Audra and daddy Soren ... they are two peas in a pod and are crazy about eachother.

Photo by M. Nicole Fischer Photography

Watching the two of them play together is often like looking at mirror images, and it is amusing and amazing how many mannerisms they share. 

Audra has started her performance training and from the start, she has shown tremendous promise.  She is smart as a whip, catching on to new things incredibly quickly, and is so willing to work and anxious to please.  Tales of her leaps of faith were not exaggerated... our 24" baby gate is no match for her.  Nor is the 29" ring gate where we train.  After watching Soren leap into my arms a few times, she was determined to do it too.  Took her a few tries to get the trajectory right, but she got it and now leaps into my arms every morning when she comes in from outside.  As Charlotte once wrote in her infamous web, this is "Some Pig."

Aside from her performance prowess, she is absolutely the cutest little froggie ever. 

Audi sporting her party hat at Daddy Soren's MACH2 Party

 All wiggles and kisses for everyone she meets, she is just such a fun, sweet, exuberant and loving girl.  Everyone who meets her ends up smitten after a few snuggles and kisses.  I am very excited to have her here and I know we are in for a fun-filled and rewarding adventure.

Photo by Wendy Doret

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