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10 Ways to Know You Might Be Showing a Frenchie In Performance
By Deb Stevenson

#10  While other competitors are milling about anxiously with their wound up canine teammates, yours is on the floor next to you, on his back, feet up like a dead bug, snoring loudly.

"zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"  --- Photo by Moy Wong

#9  You are fairly certain there are less than six degrees of separation between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.  Perfection and humiliation often occur in the same weekend, day, and on occasion, even during the same performance.

Soreeeeeen, the course goes this way .... come baaaaack!!!! 
Photo by LandMarc Photography

#8  You own more than your dog's weight in cool coats and other cooling apparatus.

"Quick ... my fan please"

#7  Your dog has almost brought you over to her way of thinking regarding automatic sits at a halt... A futile gesture and really just a waste of energy since you will only get right back up again.  Ditto for accompanying you all the way to the end of about turns when she can simply "catch you on the way back."


"Okay, but I still think this is stupid"  --  Photo by 


#6  Your dumbbells and scent articles are at least twice as long as they are tall.

"Doctor, can you help me? -- I'm deformed!"

#5  You are painfully aware that stopping to graze before an agility jump is often scored as a refusal.

"Is that something to eat? ... Be right back" -- Photo by Steve Surfman Photography

#4  Turning around to face the little gargoyle you left in a sit stay reminds you of that "Red Light, Green Light" game you played as a kid.  While your back is turned, you never know how many steps forward she has taken, or in what position she has managed to freeze.

"You want me to do WHAT?" -- Photo by 

#3  You are no stranger to the buzzer that sounds when you exceed maximum course time in agility.


"Oh ring crew... I need a boost please" -- Photo by

#2  You have come to view heeling alone as a unique opportunity to practice your footwork under pressure.

"You go on... I'll catch up... hmm, nice job on that about turn!" 
Photo by

#1  Win or lose, Q or NQ, awesome or awful, at the end of the day you have laughed more and had more fun than any other exhibitor there.

Photo by LandMarc Photography

Writer's Note:  Lulu has asked me to inform you that she has NEVER broken a stay.  And Soren would like me to let you know that, while he may have broken a stay, he has NEVER exceeded maximum course time in agility.  As for heeling, their lips are sealed, but both are looking a little like they swallowed the canary.

NOTE: A version of this article was published in Winter 2008 issue of  JustFrenchies magazine.

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