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Soren Vs. The Lobster

What do you buy for the Frenchie who has everything when he becomes top agility frenchie of the year?

Answer:  Lobster of Course, straight from Maine

Hmmm... this is a weird looking toy.  Where's the squeaky?

What do you mean it's to eat??  How? 

Oh, you need to cook it first?  Yikes.  I'm pretty hungry here.  How long will THAT take??

Okay ... now that it's cooked it smells really good, but I still don't get it.  How does one eat this thing?

Oh Garcon.... a little help here please!!!  I need some utensils -- and probably an opposable thumb.

Will Soren figure out how to eat his lobster?  Will that elusive "Garcon" show up with some utensils and an opposable thumb?  And what about, Naomi?

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of "Soren Bob Square Bib" and find out!


Thanks to Suzanne and Ron Readmond and Lobster Gram for the yummy and amusing treat!

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