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Win Photos

Soren with his MACH2 Rosettes and Bar

Photo © M. Nicole Fischer --  Soren is the first Frenchie to earn an RAE2 in AKC Rally


Soren finishes 2008 as the top AKC Agility French Bulldog of all time --
Photo by The Winning Image©

Muzzy's ARCHEX -- Photo by Pat Galante ©

Soren finishing his Level 1 and Level 2 Championships in APDT Rally
with four perfect 210 scores © Photo by Pat Galante

Muzzy's APDT Level 3 Championship.  Her little buddies did pretty well too  -- Photo by Jill B Newman ©


Lulu (left) finishing her second APDT Level 2 Championship and Soren (right) earning his first 2 ARCH double Qs  -- Photo by Jill B Newman ©


Soren finishing his St Hubert's CD -- Photo by Jill B Newman ©


Soren with his APDT Rally Champion (ARCH) Rosette


Lulu with her APDT Rally Champion Extraordinaire (ARCHEX) Rosette


Soren finishes his RL2 with awesome scores and a pair of 1st Places -- Photo by ©


Soren finishing his AXJ title with a 1st Place at Monticello KC on 8/18/2007


Lulu and Soren take 1st Place and 2nd Place at the APDT Trial (Lulu with a perfect 210)


Soren's APDT Rally Level 1 Title and Award of Excellence -- Photo by Nancy Bozza ©


Nonchalant about finishing number 1, Soren doesn't let success go to his head


Soren earns his AKC Novice Jumpers title in agility in just 2 weekends!

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