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Muzzy's Story

Hi! Itís me, Muzzy.  My story did not start out very well, but don't worry... it has a happy ending.

This is me earning my first qualifying leg in Excellent Jumpers in agility with a 3rd Place.
 © Photo by M. Nicole Fischer - Non Sporting Trial, Port Jervis NY, December 2006

My first home was not so nice to me and I guess they didn't want me, though I don't understand why, since I try very hard to be the very best dog I can be.  I had been living on my own with no one to care for me and I only weighed 40 lbs. when I should have weighed about 60 lbs.  Animal Control in Redlion, PA found me, and said I was a "stray."  They took me to a place called an Animal Shelter.  They were very nice to me there, but I was so frightened. 


Muzzy at the shelter... you could see every rib and vertebrae

I was so skinny that my bones rubbed when I would sit or lie down, and I had pressure sores on my hips and chest.  My ears and skin had terrible infections that made me very uncomfortable.  But even worse than my physical problems, I felt sad, abandoned and alone in the world.

July 26, 2003 was my re-birthday.  That is the day I was adopted and went home with my new family.  My mom saw my picture on a website called Petfinder, and she said she fell in love with me on the spot.

Muzzy's picture on Petfinder

 My bio said I needed "a few trips to the all you can eat buffet."  Sounds good to me!  But I digress... I promised a happy ending, so let's get back to that.

Everything at my new house was a little scary at first.  In the beginning, I was too afraid to eat and did not want to come out of my crate.  But my new mom would lie on the floor by my crate and just talk to me.  She would say, "Fuzzy Muzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Muzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Muzzy wasn't fuzzy was she."  I wasn't sure what that meant, but I liked it.  I could tell by her voice that she wanted to be friends, and deep down, a friend is what I wanted more than anything in the world. 

So after a while, I decided to come out and lie down by her side, so she could stroke my soft ears while she talked to me. 

We went for walks together and she fed me from her hand.  She told me what a good and beautiful dog I was, that I was safe now and that no one would ever hurt me again.  Sometimes she would cry when she talked to me.  I didn't understand at the time, but now that I know her better, I know that she was sad because of the way I had been treated.  Little by little, I realized that I could trust her and that I had finally found someone who loved me.

The top photo is me after I had been in my new home about 3 weeks.  My weight was up to 48 lbs.







This bottom photo is me about 5 months later at 60 lbs.


We also spent a lot of time at the vet's office the first 8 months I was here trying to get my ear infections and skin infections fixed up.  We finally found out I was allergic to fish and fish oil, and once I started eating different food, I got better quickly.

And we started going to classes.  First obedience class and then agility class.  Mom said it was to help "build my confidence," whatever that means.  At first I was very nervous.  Mom offered me lots of great treats in class, but I was too afraid to take them.  When I wasn't sure what to do, I would just lie down on the floor.  I thought that was better than doing something wrong.  But everyone was very patient, and I learned no one would hurt me for doing the wrong thing.  So I kept improving and trying my very best.  Mom kept saying how smart and good I was, and eventually I started to think maybe she was right.

After a while, mom and I tried competing in obedience, agility and rally.  Mom got me an ILP number from AKC (for purebred dogs who are not registered with AKC but want to compete in performance events) so we could compete.  She had to choose a registered name for me, and she decided to call me Redlion Fu Z Mu Z Wuza Bear... sounds pretty fancy doesn't it?  Redlion is for the town where she found me, and the rest is because of the "Fuzzy Muzzy was a bear" nursery rhyme she used to recite for me when I first came to live here.  Mom says it reminds her of where we started out, and all the titles that get added to my name remind her of where we've gone from there.

 We have won lots of ribbons and toys (Lulu takes all the toys) and earned lots of titles.  Mom is very proud of me.  And you know what... I am proud of myself too.  I would do anything my mom asked of me ... at least I try very hard.   And the best part is mom and I get to spend lots of time together.  To read about all my accomplishments, click here.

I am also a Therapy Dog.  I visit seniors at an adult day care center and an assisted living facility.  The people there are very happy when I visit, and tell me how sweet and beautiful and gentle I am.  I can tell some of them are sad and lonely and I know how that feels, so I rest my head on their laps and let them hold my paw and stroke my head.  I think they know I understand.

So that is my happy ending story.  Today I have a home where it's warm, and people love me and I have my own special spot on the bed.  I don't worry about my next meal anymore.  Those days are a distant memory now.  I have seen the very worst and the very best of people, and I remember the worst only so I never forget to appreciate the best.   


Muzzy XXO

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