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Soren's Story

Sir Soren, Big and Brave
Photo by Steve Surfman Photography   Graphic silliness by Richard Saunders 

Okay... so I may not be Hamlet, but I am a famous Dane in my own right.  Destined for adventure and full of promise, as a tender pup, I bid my homeland of Denmark adieu, and set out for a land far away -- the United States. 

Soren as a pup in Denmark

I was met by a wonderful family who adored me on sight, and so began chapter two of my life.  "To be or not to be, that was the question." 

As fate would have it, when it came to the conformation ring, I was not to be.  Not that I am not handsome mind you, for I am devilishly so.  But as I grew it became clear that my calling was in a different direction.  I needed a job to do -- one that would utilize my exceptional brains, heart and athleticism.

So in the fall of 2006, as my puppyhood and the summer days began to dwindle, I said a tearful goodbye and departed the kingdom of the sometimes bitchy Queen Savannah, to seek my destiny.  This new kingdom has been fun... the castle has many stuffed toys, comfy chairs, and intriguing creatures they refer to as "cats."  Of course on the downside, Queen Lulu can make Savannah seem benevolent, but I believe I am winning her over. 

And ah...  I must not forget the fair Maid Muzzy... she has cast her arrow of love through my heart.  I could spend all day whispering sweet nothings in her soft, flowing ears.  I would follow her to the ends of the earth... well so maybe just the ends of the yard, but you get the idea.

I am currently enrolled in "knight school," where I am learning to work as a team, marching in formation, forging hurdles and obstacles.  They tell me I am a natural, and I am always anxious to serve.  I am a favorite with the ladies, human and canine, who bestow on me their treats and affections. 

So that's my story so far.  I suspect it is just beginning.  Do check back on my accomplishments page to see how my adventures unfold.

With love and hugs,

Sir Soren Big and Brave


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Soren's Story | Soren's Accomplishments
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